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Molly harboring Abe by BARproductions Molly harboring Abe by BARproductions
This is my latest CrossOver Fan Art as of 12-05-2013, I drew this picture of Molly from Bittersweet Candy Bowl the WebComic to hide Abe from Oddworld the Video Game series, as Abe had somehow fallen into a dimension pod by accident during a Vyker's experiment with an invention while Slig security guards were chasing after him, so Abe gets transported to the BCB universe and is later discovered by Molly who harbors and befriends him after he gone on the run with the Goverment of Furry Earth chasing after him, HeartImagine if there were an Alien Harbor story so family oriented that it would be Love and Affection from some Peeps that would accept him as an Equal Citizen/Legal Alien of RoseVille and as part of Molly's Family that would love him like their own flesh and blood:grouphug:. To me, the Mudoken Slaves are parodies to the Blacks of america and the Glukkons are the whites of america as Abe's war is a conflict between the inhabitants and the civilizations, and that war some reminds me of the race war in the Southern U.S states back in the 1960'sNo, I disagree!, so I ask Oddworld fans these two questions, 1: would want to have a mudoken slave as food if such alien race like his existedStare? 2: would you want Abe to have a heartwarming ending where Glukkons would later accept Abe's kind as Equal Citizens of Oddworld's civilized countriesI salute you!? I asked myself that question and my answer to my first question would be No, and my answer to my second question would be Yes if that ever happened? I think I'll go to Alf's blog on and ask him one of these two questions I have right away. I hope you like this Fan pic here;) (Wink)? P.S. I was inspired by a Bad ending of Munch's oddysee I saw after looking up two endings of the third Oddworld Game on youtube.
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