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Dave's bittersweet Super-Life by BARproductions Dave's bittersweet Super-Life by BARproductions
this is a crossover fan pic of two characters from two comics, on the left is Paulo from Bittersweet Candy Bowl the WebComic, and on the right is Dave Lizewski a.k.a Kick-Ass from the Comic Book Trilogy: Kick-Ass, its night time for dave and he's sitting on a bench to take a bus ride home to his apartment so that he would pay his landlord for rent, and Paulo is just waiting for the bus to drive to the movies to meet up with his friends, I still like the emotional horrors of Kick-Ass's life story of being a miserable nobody, Imagine if Mindy a.k.a Hit-Girl had a cameo in the BCB comic as an exchange student since her High School life in Kick-Ass 2 was just as bittersweet as the lives of those BCB characters, I still liked her sub-plot in Kick-Ass 2 where she develops some emotional and hormonal changes in her lifeClap , despite Jeff's weak Directing and Story Writing, that is. Paulo's first encounter with a Real Life Super Hero was an interesting thought like, what if the moody cast of BCB characters had a Bitter creeped out reaction to the appearances of Kick-Ass and his Justice Forever gang, one thing I know for sure is that the BCB cast would be bitter, creeped, and scared:creepaway: of who the masked creeps are behind the masks, they'd probably see them as freaks in masks in their points of viewWTF?!, especially Paulo, who already asked Kick-Ass a bitter questionStare. I hope you like this pic, despite being bitter that isSweating a little...? P.S if Kick-ass 3 the comic were to end with Dave Lizewski being alive? I hope that it'll end with dave burning away his costume as to realize that it had become nothing more but a burden in his regular social lifePlease.
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November 25, 2013
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