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Vi Can Cook by Dreamkeepers

I still Love their Art Style they invented 7 years ago and I still Love their characters too, and this Prelude Misc Pic of Vi practicin...

Prelude 262 by Dreamkeepers

DreamKeepers is the Greatest FurryComic I have ever read as a Graphic Novel Saga and as a Prelude WebComic ever, I wish the Husband & W...

Rosie -Sylvia and Wander by spongefox

so far so good, this picture Spongefox draws, really does pay homage to the 90's, at least thats how I see it? plus the expressions of ...

400k Pageviews Point Giveaway by BlackSen

this is the best picture I ever seen. and Rachel looks really beautiful with her long hair, her blushy cheeks, her sparkling eyes. she ...


If any of my Followers on DeviantArt are reading this? (if any of you care to comment or add this to your journal favs that is?) I am now gonna post my Diverse random Fan Artwork on Tumblr as of today right here on which will be my own art blog for now on, incase anyone wants to ask me questions wether or not y'all got any tumblr accounts that is, cause I don't mind anonymous people asking me what characters you guys want to see in a choice of art style that is? but on the bright side, I can still draw Deviations of my Fan Characters and Original Characters in Illustrations as long as I intend to share Cartoon Artwork on DeviantArt and not sell em' at my workplace since I cannot mention its name anymore either, but the Diverse Fan Artwork I intend to both share and sell at my workplace, I can only share that on Tumblr nowadays, and to top it all off, I'll still be posting Fan Comics and my Journal Comic: Small World on both DeviantArt and Tumblr, and I'll be posting my Sketch sized fan art of Adventure Time with the adventure-time-club.deviantart… here on DeviantArt since that Deviant Group is still large on posting Adventure Time Fan Art, but as for the Poster sized Adventure Time Fan Artwork I posted on DeviantArt since the past year? I'll be sharing those Poster sized AT pics on Tumblr occasionally if I intend to sell the actual pics at my workplace that is? and incase anyone cares to wonder why? I learned another complicated rule from my art bosses that the art critics will not sell my fan artwork if its already on DeviantArt since they believe sells my fan artwork there, so a staff member at my workplace suggested that I make my own Tumblr Account if I intend to share my artwork on the internet to make friends while selling the real deal at my workplace at the same time so... there you have it.
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Taylor Swift - Shake it off
  • Reading: DreamKeepers Comics
  • Watching: Bad Days the YouTube Cartoon
  • Playing: Subway Surfers on iPad
  • Eating: Chicken McNuggets
  • Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper


BARproductions's Profile Picture
Blake A. Roten
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
my name's Blake Andrew Roten, I'm a Cartoonist with autistism, I'm a christian, and I love drawing Cartoon artwork in fan art and sometimes I draw Original Characters and Parodies of my own, including my Profile Mascot: Larry Lizard, I also like to draw Comics on fun occasions and I even draw up a Journal Comic of my personal life sometimes, anyways I love my Cartoon artwork and I love myself being a Cartoonist, I even like to draw inventive fan art just so y'know. I'm just a simple guy who does artwork at Exceptional Children's Foundation, and I'm just here to make some friends on DeviantArt I could share my interests and Philosophical views with people on the Comics and Video Games that occasionally adapt into TV shows & Movies that are made Live Action, 2D Cartoon, or 3D Cartoon as we know em' today. I hope you like what I do here?

Favorite style of art: Diverse Cartooning.
Current Residence: Los Angeles.
Favorite Cartoon Character: my creation, Larry D. Lizard
Favorite genre of music: pop rock, indie rock, and pop mostly.
Favorite Video Game series: Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Assassin's Creed, and mostly open world platform games.
Favorite Movies: Kick-Ass & DWA films.
Favorite Comic books: FullMetal Alchemist & Kick-Ass.
Favorite WebComics: Twokinds, LasLindas, Axe Cop, Schizo; DreamKeepers, Roomies.
Favorite TV shows: Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Dreamworks-Dragons.
Operating System: Mac OS X.
Youtube account under G+: Blake
My Personal Quote: ...I don't know if I got one?

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Bar please tell me what you think of these two articles and leave a comment on both please links are here for both Gavin Moore wants Kutaro in playstationallstars 2 and David jaffe wants Sweet tooth in mortal kombat x hope you enjoy.

what is you favourite courage the cowardly dog episode, mine to be honest is last of the star makers and courage and the big stinking city. 
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I'm glad you liked the painting of "Adventure time and snoopy/soon I'll upload more photos, drawing and street art that I do
keep drawing/Regards, I hope you are well : )
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Thanks For The Fave!!! also im a fanartist of 26 years old of assorted cartoon and anime series :) at my age i accept it, im a cartoon fan!!! :) anime and traditional :)

the last 2 car images that i made were some ideas for tuning a ride with AT Themes,in my personal POV if i have the possibility someday i want to make the Marceline Themed Car with that model!!! :)

well thanks for the fave and greetings from Mexico
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Faving fun !
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I've added you to my Watch now, Captain K.;) (Wink), but I don't have a credit card or PayPal account to order commissions, not unless they're free for ATM requests (thats At The Moment just so y'know what ATM means) like how people ask other people to draw there favorite characters in there for free that is? Love that She-Link fan character of yours by the wayLove.
CaptainKharma Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ok for you I can do a free comission because you're very sympathic ! ;)
But don't tell to everyone ok ? :D
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