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Okay so um... new games at the E3 expo are gonna appear on 6-9-2014 since I'll be looking them up on IGN and YouTube, and Kick-Ass 3 Issue #8 is coming out on 6-11-2014 and I have read about 7 issues of Kick-Ass 3 on Youtube and I can't wait to buy the Collected edition of the whole Kick-Ass 3 mini series until the 8th comes out and maybe the collected edition will have behind the scenes content and history on whatever Inspiration Mark Millar got the idea for Kick-Ass 3 from. As for what I'm gonna do this summer, I don't really know except I'll be attending ECF all the way through the whole summer this year, although I might take some absent breaks from it just incase summer vacations have been planned out with my family altogether, my Sister is gonna be 19 on 7-1-2014 and she already told me that she's thinking of going to SMC this year after her Summer Fun Time and I'm still thinking of wether or not I want to work on a Kick-Ass Furry FanComic after issue #8 of the Kick-Ass 3 Comic comes out or maybe until Kick-Ass 3 the Movie goes into production and gets its own release date in theaters in one more year or two, and it looks like I'm gonna have to find a new Cartoon or Comic of my interests to take inspiration from and draw some new fan art again I guess? Although I would like to get a chance to go to palm springs again, its been over 4 years since I went there with my whole family and 3 years since I went there with just my Dad as we had a Guys Night Out. Thats all I gotta say in this Journal Entry so far.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Happy - Glee Cast version.
  • Reading: Axe Cop Vol.5: Axe Cop gets married.
  • Watching: SpiderMan (2003).
  • Playing: Beyond Two Souls.
  • Eating: Cheesy Bread.
  • Drinking: Diet Barg's Root Beer.


BARproductions's Profile Picture
Blake A. Roten
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
my name's Blake Andrew Roten, I'm autistic, I'm an orthodox christian, and I love animation of all multimedia formats, I like drawing Cartoon pictures of fan art and parodies I come up with as I get my ideas based on multimedia platforms, I like to make my expressions through writing and drawing comics, and sometimes I draw what pops inside my head, I grew up watching generations of cartoons on TV & MOVIES when I was 2. and I have read generations of COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS when I was 13. and played generations of VIDEO GAMES ever since I was 5. in 2007 I wanted to become a GAME DESIGNER like TETSUYA NOMURA that is until the 1st week on JANUARY 2011 I realized my potential and decided that I should become a CARTOONIST to make comic strips, first I started with THE ROTTEN FAMILY, then on SEPTEMBER 2011 I've drawn & discovered my 1st classic character design of a cartoon lizard that I grew attached to for the first time I created him, I named him LARRY LIZARD. and began making comic strips of my favorite lizard as a titular character instead, but that wasn't enough. so I decided to put my art skills on DeviantArt to better myself, I'm already going on a journey to become a magnificent cartoonist for I have already been inspired by all the theatrical animated films and TV-cartoons I've watched over the years since I was 2 years old and by all the games I played since I was 4 years old... yes I played games at the age of 4, and all the comics I read since I was 13. I hope to one day find my true path as a Cartoonist to make my dreams come true.

Favorite style of art: Fluid Stick Figures
Current Residence: Los Angeles.
Favorite Cartoon Character: my creation, Larry D. Lizard
Favorite genre of music: pop rock, indie rock, and pop mostly.
Favorite Video Game series: Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Assassin's Creed, and mostly open world platform games.
Favorite Movies: Kick-Ass & DWA films.
Favorite Comic books: FullMetal Alchemist & Kick-Ass.
Favorite WebComics: Twokinds; LasLindas; Axe Cop; Schizo; DreamKeepers; Roomies.
Favorite TV shows: Regular Show; Adventure Time and Dragons-riders of berk.
Operating System: Mac OS X.
Youtube account under G+: Blake
My Personal Quote: ...I don't know if I got one?

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Hey bar what are your thoughts of Clarence and Stevens universe and please comment on my stage ideas I hope you enjoy :D (Big Grin) 
BARproductions Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I think the Clarence show's Real Life kid's fun to be unique but in a good way, and I think Steven Universe looks like a Sailor Moon parody but in a fun way, so in other words... I like em' both, and I wish that Nick could make their Cartoons TV-PG like Cartoon Network does nowadays, am I rightsephirothsmugplz? but again I like those two shows already, but the other two show on Cartoon Network I like most are Adventure Time & Regular ShowSwoosh.
Playstationboy99 Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  New member
To be honest at first I did not like adventure time since i thought it was going to be a show like flapjack but then I liked regular show more and i watched some new episodes of adventure time from season 2 and i liked it and I watched Steven universe first and I enjoyed myself with it and I recently watched clearance and like what rebel taxi said Ed, Edd n Eddy spirit still lives on in clearance which I agree but with parents and more places, i agree that nickolodeon aren't good as they used to be like Sanjay and Craig,why don't they cancelled spongbob and fairy god parents one more thing I feel like nick just watched regular show and made Sanjay and Craig to ripoff regular show  and why in the new fairly odd parents does timmy have a dog!?!? I felt like that ripped of jake from adventure time but they both failed,what was better at the time chowder or flapjack? And did you hear that flapjack and adventure time are same universe?

This is what the Narwhalking said about the theory is 
The Misadventures of Flapjack's dock town ( Stormalong Harbor ), is a town built after the mushroom war mentioned in Adventure Time. It is possibly built out of the wreckage of ships that once sailed in that area of the ocean. The area in which Flapjack is set in was not as badly damaged and set back technology wise as Adventure Time is. I also believe that both of these worlds and their strange events are occuring during at about the same time. This would explain cracks within these shows side stories. Such as the main goal of the characters in Flapjack being to get to Candied Island. But unknown to them is that this is not an island but actually a continent, the one where Adventure Time is set. The Candied Island they saw was actually Candy Kingdom. Peppermint Larry has been to Candy Kingdom, and possibly used Princess Bubblegum as a sort of muse to construct his Candy Wife. But Peppermint Larry is not the only character in Flapjack to go to the Candy Kingdom, just the only one who made it back. Phil, in Adventure Time, used to be an inhabitant of Stormalong harbor, until he somehow shipwrecked into the land of Ooo ( Adventure Time ). This is why he is seen in the city of thieves, as he was one of the many crooks and thieves in Stormalong harbor. Adventure Time though, has not many connections within Flapjack because Finn is afraid of the ocean, where Flapjack takes place. Please tell me what you thought about this comment.
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